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The Qaida for Beginners, Classes for Adults

Qaida for Beginners is not only for kids but is designed in a special way that Adults can also be part of it. It helps us to be aware of the learners’ strong and weak spot that are to be mending in this class.

For the improvement of the basic knowledge we start for the basics but for those who have knowledge we start according to their needs. The course includes Namaz and Duas as essentials. It is prepared in a way that all can be a part of it including the Muslims and those who embraced Islam recently. For the converter our course is very beneficial.Tajweed

Learn Quran with Tawjeed

Tajweed-e-Quran course is mostly helpful for the learners who are reciting the Quran for the first time and for the beginners in Islam also helpful for those who can not afford to leave the boundaries for their houses. This course starts with the basics of Arabic alphabets and keeps on running lesson by lesson till the proper recitation of Quran.

Basic Recitation of Quran

Except learning and understanding, the recitation of Quran is an art in itself and by the different methods we can master this art or at least become good enough which is now easy by My Holy Quran course. My Holy Quran course offers the best experience in reciting Quran and is available for every class and age of people.

The flow of recitation decides whether you are good at it or not because it is not just dependent on the reading skills but also involves the basic grip on the Arabic word and their accents to pronounce. Even the masters of recitation sometimes lack the ability to control their breath that is due to less practice. But learning with us will guide you through all basic rules.

We educate our students with the basic techniques to increase their breathing stamina that is one of the basic ingredients for the good recitation. In this method students start from 30s of holding their breath and take this time nearly to 100s. And is also enhanced more with practice.

We start our course from the 30th para as it consists of small surahs and mostly people do know these Surahs very well. Hence easy for the students to learn the basic rules of tajweed in these Surahs and when they get used to it, we step up towards the longer Surahs. This is simple but Effective technique of learning Quran mostly for the beginners.

Quran Memorizing Class (Hifz Class) by latest Techniques

Memorizing of Quran has an unimaginable reward. So, those who want to become Hafiz this is the best opportunity to join this class. Our guidance system has the best skill to educate you by the different memorizing techniques and would take much shorter time to learn the Quran by heart.

Our Quran memorization course consists of three type

A. Selected Surahs

B. 30th Para

C. Full Quran

Online Quran Memorization Level A:

This level consists of selected surahs, like surah Mulk, surah Ar-rahman, surah Yasin, or surah Waqi’ah.

Quran Memorization Level B:

This level consists of Para 30, as most learners already know surahs of Para 30, so it’s easy to hifz 30thpara. Even small kids are already hafizof several surahs, like surah Ikhlas, surah Nass, surah Falaq, surah Kosar, surah Asr and many other surahs.

Quran Memorization Level C:

This level includes complete Quran memorization with Tajweed. After level C you would be able to recite whole Quran. Translation-Quran

Translation of Quran Classes

Translation of Quran course is especially for those who want the complete teachings of Quran with word by word meaning and basic concept behind the Surah’s and verses. This course also benefits the students in to learn Arabic language by meaning.

Basic step includes the education of language and then accordingly distinguish the meaning of words use in Quran and elaborating it. Quran academy is known for its course Translation of Quran.

Our course has different parts as described here:

  • We start from a few Arabic words and ask the learners to practice.
  • Then we teach verses with word to word meanings, explaining each word.
  • When we are done with literal translation, we teach our learners the contextual meaning of the verses and words.
  • With Quran Lights, you can learn the real back ground of verses, like why they were revealed and what the purpose was behind.

This course will allow you to understand Quran in a most simle way. And availability of teachers is according to your feasibility.

arabicTafseer-e-Quran and Translation of Quran

Tafseer-e-Quran course is equipped with the basic knowledge of Quran and also the particular meaning of the verses for the learners. The learners will be guided by the proper torchbearers of Islamic knowledge and translation of Quran. Basically, Tafseer course is for the adults but now we are also offering the Translation of Salah and basic tafseer of short Surah’s of Quran for Children.


Basic Arabic Grammar Course Online

We provide high quality online teaching for basic Arabic grammar course. Basic Arabic grammar learning will make you perfect in a little time, because our teachers focus on special techniques. Basic Arabic grammar classes are designed for all age groups for both men and women.

Basic part of online teaching for basic Arabic grammar course includes the introduction of words, phrases, and sentences in the language. In this course the learners have to focus on a single topic i.e. grammatical inflection that is important in every language.